Licensed Electrical Contractor ~ Avon Lake, Ohio  USA

Avon Lake Electric (previously known as “Blue Sky Energy Systems”) is a Greater Cleveland based company specializing in sustainable energy products and related services.

Our core business is standard Electrical Contracting with an everpresent and evolving “green” perspective.

Our Primary Services include Renewable Energy Consulting plus Sales, Installation and Service of popular “green energy products”.

Avon Lake Electric serves both residential and commercial customers

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  • Licensed Electrical Contracting
  • Residential & Commercial Electrician
  • Lighting Design & Installation
  • Residential & Commercial — for accent AND efficiency
  • Green Building Consulting
  • Residential & Commercial Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Solar Electric


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Serving Northeast Ohio
Providing Quality & Affordable
Electrician Services
(Installation, Service & Repair)
to Residential & Commercial
Customers in & Around the
Greater Cleveland Area

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PROFILE: Gary Cole & Avon Lake Electric

The founder of Avon Lake Electric (previously known in the local Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area as Blue Sky Energy Systems), Gary Cole, is a State Licensed Electrical Contractor and began his career in the electrical field in 1988.

He is committed to promoting the cost effective, sustainable benefits of healthy, energy efficient green buildings and homes.


  • State Electrical License #16048
  • Electronics – 2 year certificate from Hickok Technical School
  • Solar Electric – PV (photovoltaic) advanced design and installation course from Midwest Renewable Energy Association


Enviro Beginnings – When contacted by an environmental group advocating utility scale wind power in 1997, Gary began his transition into a complete mind set of advocacy of sustainable living practices. The great minds involved in Green Energy Ohio (then SEED Ohio) were very influential in raising his awareness of the best known science assessments of the impacts of current human activity on the earth’s finite energy resources. The focus of this group was on the problems associated with energy production and the solutions offered through renewable energy.

Green Building Enters the Scene

In 2002, Gary “re-energized” his work in standard electrical contracting with the intent of venturing into the solar PV market as it emerged. Soon after that he discovered the “Green Building Movement” thru Sadhu Johnston and his Cleveland Green Building Coalition. The marketability of energy efficiency and other aspects associated with “green building” became a very attractive avenue for Gary to pursue. The focus at that time shifted to that endeavor, of which solar electric systems are just one component.

In 2018, Gary decided to re-brand his company, and a key part of this evolution was to update the name of the company to AVON LAKE ELECTRIC.  Same owner, same high quality of services, same competitive prices, same honesty/ethics – only the name changed so that past, present and future customers would instantly know (just by the company name) that ALE = Gary Cole and he equals Experienced Reliable Honest LOCAL CHARLOTTE AREA ELECTRICIAN.




Primary Services of The Avon Lake Electric Company

Avon Lake Electric is a Cleveland, Ohio area based company specializing in sustainable energy products and related services. Our core business is standard electrical contracting with an ever present “green” perspective.

Existing Homes – Electrical Work

Diagnosis and repair of electrical systems
Breaker Box upgrades
Lighting and outlets added
New underground garage power
Wiring for remodeling and additions

New Construction – Electrical Work

Complete design and installation of electrical systems
Temporary power


Energy Efficiency and Green Building consulting and design, serving primarily the greater Cleveland, Ohio region.

Energy Efficient Lighting Design and Installation

Accent Lighting for Art Pieces in homes, restaurants, offices, commercial office building lobbies, etc.

Dining Room Lighting
Kitchen Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Green Building Consulting on implementing fundamental concepts

Tight well-insulated building envelopes
High performance heating and cooling systems
Intentional ventilation with energy recovery ventilators
Usage of building materials and furnishings that are environmentally responsible and allow for high levels of indoor air quality.


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